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Experience the rejuvenating benefits of iRest Yoga Nidra meditation which is a deep relaxation technique which guides our neurology to heighten awareness and untangles negative habit patterns to cultivate positive psychology. These powerful sensory practices are the bridge between yoga asana and meditation. Each session will start with yoga postures to release the body and focus the mind. Then the class will end with a 30 to 40 minute guided yoga nidra meditation.

8 session iRest Yoga Nidra Course – January 8th to February 26th – 7:00 to 8:30 pm

Fee: Drop in rate first time is $10 plus taxes. Then it is $15 includes taxes per class or $110 includes taxes for all eight classes. This class is limited to 6 participants.

Drops in are welcome but pre-registration is appreciated because these classes are  limited to 6 participants.  Please contact Allison at allisonulan@gmail.com to register and pay. Thank you.

What is Yoga Nidra practice?
Yoga Nidra, a Sanskrit term meaning “yogic sleep” is a deep relaxation technique and a form of meditation.

Also called “psychic sleep,” yoga nidra is a state between sleeping and waking. The body is completely relaxed and the practitioner turns the awareness inward by listening to a set of instructions; much like a guided meditation. Performing yoga nidra involves practicing pratyahara (“withdrawal of the senses”), which is the fifth limb of Ashtanga yoga. Yoga nidra practice results in deep relaxation and expands the individual’s self-awareness.

History of Yoga Nidra: Yoga nidra was practiced by ancient sages so they could consciously watch their samskaras, the “impressions of the mind”.  They could also purify their samskaras in order to come closer to liberation, or moksha.

The practice of yoga nidra not only involves pratyhara, but also requires pranayama (breathing techniques) and dharana (“concentration”), which are the fourth and sixth limbs of Ashtanga yoga.

In yoga nidra, the practitioner enters their alpha brain state and their focus shifts to deeper intentional functioning. It is believed this stimulates the hormones in the pineal gland and releases melatonin, a hormone that reduces stress, boosts the immune system and helps prevent illness. Regular practice helps harmonize the brain hemispheres which promotes better mental performance.

Yoga Nidra offers several health benefits such as:

~ Calms the mind
~ Relaxes and rejuvenates the body
~ Soothes the nervous system
~ Reduces fatigue
~ Lowers high cholesterol and blood pressure levels
~ Strengthens immunity
~ Improves quality of sleep
~ Cultivates positive mental states to overcome negative habit patterns
~ Aids pain regulation
~ Boosts concentration level
~ Supports brain function and boosts creativity

Fee: $10 first time drop-in rate, $15 (includes the taxes) drop in rate in following sessions, or $110 (includes taxes) for all eight sessions. If you start mid session, we can pro-rate the full fee to reflect the classes that you attend. : )