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Flamenco tradition is an elegant blend of rhythm, song and dance. At Flamenco’s heart is the compas – the compelling pulsing rhythmic patterns. Flamenco dance expresses the compas though compelling footwork, expressive movement patterns and elegant arm patterns. In these classes, you will learn the basic elements of this dance through the forms of Tangos, Bulerias and Sevillanas. You will learn the fundamentals of footwork, arm patterns and expressive choreography to embody grace, poise and strength.

Warning: You may catch the flamenco dance fever. Sorry to say, there is no cure except to surrender and dance more Flamenco.

To participate in these classes, no dance experience required and no need for a partner.

To register, go to the City of Edmonton Website through the link below.

Flamenco with Allison – City of Edmonton Website link

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