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Embodying the Heart and Skill of the Yoga Teacher:
Exploring Technique and Intuition in Balance for presenting wise and compassionate classes
Online: Module Seven of A Balanced Approach Yoga Teachers Training 2022
July 15th, July 16th and July 17th, 2022
This 20 hour Online Yoga Teachers Training addresses how to teach yoga classes that allow people to learn, evolve and recognize their vitality and wisdom. Yoga is freedom. Yoga is balance. Yoga is recognizing our purpose and growing into that depth of our lives. How we present Yoga either allows people to explore this profound path or may block them from exploring living this integrity.
So how do we do this?
This weekend will explore at the three essential components of each class, how to present them with depth and patience, how to sequence asana and exercises to balance the nervous system, the importance of language, the art of listening and the art of asana infused with relevant yoga teachings. This weekend is about the art of teaching and how to do it from heart, intelligence and intuition.
Friday night and Saturday/ Sunday mornings will be asana practice. We will balance the mornings with afternoon practice in the Bhagavad Gita and practice yoga teaching many sequences.  Bring your questions, concerns and special interests. We will explore them all.

Participants will learn Yoga Teaching Methodology and Assists through the following aspects of teaching.:

  • The Ethics of Teaching, Skills in Observation, Postural Assessment and Effective Adjustments.
  • Class sequencing and course plans for different student populations,
  • Verbal Instruction Skills,
  • Demonstration protocols and presenting a Yoga class
  • Learning the foundations of anatomically safe ways of assisting students for deeper learning and postural health

Fees: Regular rate $300 plus gst taxes = $315.00

For certified Yoga Teachers (Yoga Alliance, European Yoga Associations and IYAT), you receive a 20% discount. Fee for certified Yoga teachers is $240 plus gst taxes = $252.00

All payments are made through e-transfers to allisonulan@gmail.com. Receipts will be sent for your tax purposes.

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