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Time: 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Fees: $35 In-person,  $30 Zoom
All fees include taxes.
Location: Mindful Alberta

To register, send e-transfer payment to allisonulan@gmail.com.

Receive the numerous benefits of yoga twists in this 2 hour workshop. These poses and exercises tone the muscles of the torso, mobilize the spine, massage the organs, rejuvenate digestion and activate internal balance. In short, Twists remove stiffness in the whole body!

For those of us who get pain and cramps in the back, neck and shoulders, these postures will bring great relief. The arms and shoulders work together as levers to help us perform the twists. As the arms and shoulders engage in twists, the conditioning prevents and eases arthritis and rheumatism in these areas. Plus, twists lengthen the spine which improves our posture when sitting and standing.

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