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In the August 2017 newsletter, I wrote about gratitude.  Yet this may not be easy to access at this point in our lives due to stress, overworking or old viewpoints. To open to gratitude, we need to notice the ways we are supported in our daily life.  The first traditional awareness of this is feeling how the earth is continually rising up and holding us.  As we become more and more aware of this fact, we benefit by being able to physically relax and sense each moment we are being held.  This awareness is both a physical practice and a mental state.

Laying down and consciously feeling the body contacting the ground is the beginning practice.  Lay down in constructive rest pose or savasana. Feel the places your body makes contact with the floor below you.  Feel the physical sensations that arise and pass away at these points of contact.  If this is difficult, gently rock your body and feel the massage you receive from this motion.  Then let go of rocking and feel how the body can continually sense the ground as you inhale and exhale.

Now, on your inhalations, invite awareness of the internal sensations in your body. Then, on your exhalations, invite awareness of the floor touching your body.  Maintain this simple embodiment practice for 5 – 10 minutes until you have a easy connection with your breathing.