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Are you curious where your backbends can take you? To know you need to open your chest and hips? Then this workshop will give you the information to start your back bending routine to receive all of its benefits.

The rituals of modern life have caused an epidemic of slouching (aka. excessive kyphosis), often leading to poor posture, back pain, headaches, and fatigue. In this 2 hr workshop we will focus on opening through the front of the body as a way to bring life back into the spine, relieve chronic back/neck pain and open the mind and heart to new possibilities!

Join Allison for a supportive and playful practice focused on the alignment and technique needed for foundational through to advanced yoga backbends. We will begin the workshop with an invigorating sequence focused on psoas lengtheners, opening shoulders, upper back articulation, hips and legs in preparation.  We will explore the following poses:  Ustrasana (Camel), Urdva dhanurasana (Wheel), Dhanurasana (Full Bow), Kopatasana, Eka Pada Rajakopatasana (king pigeon) and more.

Investment: $40 + taxes

Date: February 5th, 1:30 to 4 pm MST / 3:30 to 6 pm EST

Available to attend in person or online through Zoom.

Take both February workshops, Back bending (February 5th) and Turn Upside Down with Joy Inversion workshop (February 19th) for a combined fee of $70 + taxes. Both workshops are happening at Shala – Ashtanga Yoga Center Edmonton.

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