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Embracing Our Dharma will be a workshop to explore how to practice centring, breath work and asana to discover or uncover our purpose in life. Central in all Yoga traditions is embodying one’s Dharma (purpose, individuality and truth). As we consistently practice our Yoga routines, we discover embodied awareness.  This embodiment trains our focus, refines our attention and reveals our core values/deep beliefs. As our awareness matures, at our heart of being we realize we want well-being and contentment for ourselves and all beings. These insights compel the question, how can we do this in this complex life? 
In the richness of the Yoga tradition, our practices are to open our mind/heart so we are aware of the patterns of life, attuned to the field of action we live in, strengthen our discernment and open our perception so we serve the world as we navigate of life.

In this workshop, I will guide a flow through pranayama, asana and meditation. Then we will engage in dharma diads to reflect on our deeper purpose and core values in our life.

Attend this workshop to be supported, motivated and connected to your values.

Fee: $45 in person / $30 online
All pricing includes gst and pst. Pay via an e-transfer to me at this email. 

Location: AYM 372 St. Catherine Street West, Suite 118, Montreal 

Date: Sunday, December 5th, 2021 from 2 to 4 pm

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