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Join me for a walking meditation practice in NDG on Sunday, June 24th. We will explore what it is to bring our mindfulness practices on the streets and into our interactions in the hood. Learn the beneficial techniques of Mindfulness to increase your capacity to concentrate, communicate, respond with compassion and navigate emotional states with skill.

This Sunday we will taking our mindfulness off our meditation cushion and to the streets. We will explore what it is to embody mindfulness as we walk in our neighborhood. There will be playful exercises, mindful walking meditation and time to connect. This walk will be offered by donation.

What is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness can be defined as “… the cultivation of clear, stable and non-judgmental awareness”. Mindfulness (Insight) meditation is a particular form of meditation that aims to cultivate wisdom and compassion, so that we can live with less stress and more happiness, ease, and freedom. This type of meditation comes from the Buddhist tradition, though it’s not necessary to be Buddhist to benefit from the practice. The basic forms of insight meditation are very compatible with Western psychology, so these days, variations of insight practice are taught in many different settings, including schools, hospitals, prisons, businesses and government departments.

In this session, we will practice the following aspects of mindfulness.:

~ we will learn to bring mindfulness into our routine activities

~ we will play with bring new attitudes to our interactions

~ we will use these exercises to release tension and open to appreciation.

Fee: Pay what you can. Suggested fee is $5 to $10

We will meet at 10 am in front of Melk Cafe at 5612 avenue Monkland
Montreal, Quebec H4A 1E3.