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Create a solid foundations and release your fears!

Inversions are exciting and fun poses.  And they can also be scary because there are many dynamics to mater int them. In this workshop, you will learn the foundations of inverting to find balance in headstand, forearm stand, handstand and more!

In this course, you will work on building the strength, flexibility and mobility you need for inversions. This preparation is key to helping you create a solid foundation on which to practice the skill of balancing upside down.

You will also learn good technique for headstand, forearm stand and handstand, and the best ways to work on these poses as an individual depending on your unique range of motion and strength/stability. This is not a one way fits all course, but an individual approach.

Depending on your level, you will also get a chance to work on various shapes (tuck, straddle, pike, half pike, stag), leg movements while inverted, using your inversion as a transition between poses or places on the mat, and various ways of entering into the inversions including pressing. And if you have a solid forearm stand (Pincha Mayurasana), you will have the chance to learn scorpion (Vrischikasana), hollowback Pincha and funky Pincha.

These workshops are an ideal way to delve deeper into your inversion practice and see improvements.  Allison will provide you with lots of helpful tips and tricks to progress your practises. Expect to learn lots, work hard and have fun! 

Investment: $40 + taxes

Available to attend in person or online through Zoom.

Take both February workshops, Back bending (February 5th) and Turn Upside Down with Joy Inversion workshop (February 19th) for a combined fee of $70 + taxes. Both workshops are happening at Shala – Ashtanga Yoga Center.



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