(English) Embracing Our Dharma: A workshop exploring the Essential practices of Ashtanga Yoga, Breath Work and Meditation to discover our dharma with Allison Ulan

2021-12-01T23:36:28+00:00décembre 1st, 2021|

[:en]Embracing Our Dharma is a workshop to explore how to practice centring, breathing and asana to discover or uncover our purpose in life.[:]

(English) Embodied Grace – The Connection of Friendship and Equanimity to Navigate Life Daylong Mindfulness Meditation Retreat with Allison Ulan

2021-11-09T22:05:45+00:00novembre 9th, 2021|

[:en]This retreat will focus on the practices of metta (loving kindness and friendship) and upekkha (balance and equanimity) so we cultivate the inner fortitude and resilience to navigate these strange times. As we strengthen in these qualities the grace of an open heart grows. [:]

Ouverture au nouveau – Atelier de méditation de yoga et de pleine conscience pour définir vos intentions pour 2020 avec Allison Ulan

2019-12-28T00:09:35+00:00décembre 22nd, 2019|

[:en]Come be supported and inspired by practice. Leave motivate, focused and inspired. Let 2020 be the year you connect and nurture what you hold precious in life.[:]

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